About us

Itidet Srl - Impianto produzione di detergenti di Tarquinia
Itidet is a company that produce professional detergents with thirty years experience in the field.

What we do

We produce professional detergents and distribute them all over the country and in many European countries. We manufacture both products in our brand and branded for customers that require it. We are also able to formulate products for specific needs.
We also produce high quality detergents for the consumer market.

How we work

Our company is a lean and flexible one and this allows us to meet all the needs of customers and to constantly adapt to new market.
Our cleaners are produced and manufactured in-house. The staff of the chemical laboratory continually updates the formulations to increase efficiency in the absolute respect of the health and environmental impact.

Our philosophy

Customer satisfaction is at the center of all our activities. In order to make the cooperation with us more and more rewarding, we refine products, optimize procedures and adopt new technologies, pursuing continuous improvement.